“Those who wear saffron should become terrorists now”: Pulkit Maharaj appeals to Hindus, arrested

Another new name has been added to the series of provocative speeches being given by religious leaders, sometimes through religious parliaments and sometimes from public forums. The latest case pertains to Pulkit Maharaj’s controversial statement in which he can be seen appealing to those wearing saffron to become terrorists.

A video has surfaced of Pulkit Mishra alias Pulkit Maharaj, who describes himself as a spiritual guru, in which he is purportedly inciting those wearing saffron to become terrorists. In the video he is asking Hindus to become terrorist. At present, investigation has been started on the basis of the video at Sahibabad police station in Ghaziabad.

In the viral video, Pulkit Maharaj had given a controversial statement saying, “For what do you people shout so loudly, as if Allah has become deaf. Who is Allah? Where is Allah? Who has seen Allah? If this is the only fear, then become a Hindu. These people are terrorists. I urge the saffronists today that those who wear saffron. Now the need is to become a terrorist. Become terrorists and respond them in their own language. Respond with a bullet or gun.”

After the video went viral, a case was registered against him. The FIR was registered against Pulkit Maharaj at Sahibabad police station in Ghaziabad. Today, he has been arrested by the Sahibabad Police. He keeps making such controversial statements.

Let us tell you that this is the same man, who was arrested by Delhi Crime Branch from Ghaziabad in the year 2018 for wrongly taking VVIP treatment in the name of PM. There is a photo on Pulkit Maharaj’s social media account with big leaders including PM Narendra Modi, through which he takes people on a bluff.

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