‘Those celebrating Taliban return in India no less dangerous’: Naseeruddin Shah Slams Indian Muslims ‘Celebrating Taliban’s Return’

Veteran Bollywood actor Naseeruddin Shah has reprimanded Indian Muslims who are celebrating the return of Taliban in Afghanistan. The actor has told the danger of such thinking. Taking a jibe at Hindustani Muslims, a video of Naseeruddin Shah has surfaced in which he has shown a mirror to those who support the Taliban.

Naseeruddin slammed Taliban’s supporters for Hindustani Muslims

In the video, Naseeruddin Shah says- “However, the Taliban regaining rule in Afghanistan is a bias of concern for the world. No less dangerous than this is the celebration of some sections of Indian Muslims on the return of those savages. Today every Indian Muslim should ask himself this question whether he wants reform, stubbornness (modernity) in his religion or the value of the cruelty of the past centuries.

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“I am Hindustani Muslim. As Mirza Ghalib said a long time ago – my relationship with Allah Mian is very different. I have no need for this political religion. Hindustani Islam has always been different from Islam around the world. May God not bring that time that it changes so much that we cannot even recognize it.”

This video of Naseeruddin is viral on social media. The actor’s thinking is being appreciated. As you know, on 15 August, Taliban regained its rule over Afghanistan. After the occupation of Afghanistan, there was panic of people fleeing the country. Horror pictures of the airport full of people went viral. Many Afghans were forced to leave the country for fear of the brutality of the Taliban.

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