“This ‘Jholachap’ selling country’s property to private hands”: Tejashwi Yadav launches a sharp attack on Modi govt against privatization

Modi government wants to get rich by selling all the assets of the country to private companies. The central government is bent on privatization of government property by citing the bad economy, but after the property is privatized, private companies will charge high price from the general public of the country for other facilities like national highways, railway routes, stadiums, hotels, power grid pipelines. Under Modi’s rule, additional pressure is going to be put on the poor people of the country already facing inflation in the name of monetization.

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Bihar’s Leader of Opposition Tejashwi Yadav has strongly attacked the Modi government for leasing the country’s property for 4 years in the name of National Monetization Pipeline Scheme. Tejashwi said that the house has to be run some how by selling the courtyard, only BJP has this capability. He has said this by tweeting.

BJP wants to run house by selling the courtyard – Tejashwi Yadav

Tejashwi Yadav wrote, “the quacks sitting in the center have made the well running economy so sick that even its crawling has become difficult now. Now to keep it alive, these quacks are selling the property of the country in private hands by cutting off its parts. What is this ability to sell the courtyard and run the house somehow, sir?”

Modi government bent on raising 6 lakh crores

The Modi government has implemented a plan to rent out the country’s government properties under the National Monetization Pipeline Scheme. The central government will give government property on rent (lease) to private companies for 4 years. Under which the government wants to raise Rs 6 lakh crore. The Modi government is either closing loss-making government companies or is busy raising money by selling them to private companies.

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