‘This is my last warning…back off’: Kangana warns movie mafia for ‘jobless’ campaign against her

Kangana Ranaut has once again hit out at her critics what she calls ‘Bollywood Mafia’ and has given last warning in a long post on Instagram. Not only this, in this post, the actress has even talked about registering 100 FIRs. Kangana has not named anyone in this.

Sharing the post on her Instagram, Kangana Ranaut wrote, ‘Whenever I announce my new project, the pappus of the movie mafia go to sleep. I know a fool whose favorite job is to spread fake rumours, he said that Manikarnika who did 150 crore business is a flop and said that I have no work. Whereas the truth is that he himself is missing for four years and has no work.

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The actress further wrote, ‘He pursues fake relationships and tortures a child so much that he is forced to die. He spreads negativity and spies on others… guess his name? People who think that they can be successful by using others for their agenda, then they are garbage on this earth. These lousy creatures lead a worse life than one insect of another because they spread fake rumors and lies in the media to tarnish the image of others.

Kangana Ranaut did not stop here, she further wrote, ‘I have been facing campaign for several weeks, it is being said in the media that I am jobless and cannot even pay my taxes. I am not able to do any shooting due to Corona, but today news is being spread that my career is over. Many people are declaring that my entire career is a flop.

Kangana’s insta story

Kangana further writes, ‘I am the most successful actress today. I can’t bear to sit in silence. I will expose everyone and then you guys can get me 100 FIRs also, I don’t mind. This is my last warning, back off.’

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