‘This is an effigy, those were real people’: Swara Bhasker calls out Venkatesh Prasad’s selective condemn

Protests are being held against Nupur Sharma in different parts of the country. Former cricketer Venkatesh Prasad expressed his shock on the hanging effigy of suspended BJP leader Nupur Sharma via a tweet where he had said that he could not believe this was India in 21st century.

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Prasad wrote in his tweet, “This is an effigy of Nupur Sharma hanging in Karnataka. Simply cannot believe that this is 21st century, India. I would urge everyone to leave politics aside and let sanity prevail. This is just too much.”

Calling out Prasad’s selective outrage, the outspoken Bollywood Actress Swara Bhaskar reminded the former cricketer about mob lynchings that have happened across the country since this government came in power.

Swara Bhasker calls out Venkatesh Prasad

On Venkatesh Prasad’s tweet, Swara said, “Agree. I hope all us sane people feel the same horror at the beef lynchings & when the a poor migrant labourer was burnt alive on suspicion of so-called love jehad in Rajasamand, Rajasthan. This is an effigy, those were real people. Our horror should not be based on identity.”

Swara Bhasker calls out Venkatesh Prasad

In another tweet, Swara writes, ‘Violence… apart from being wrong, defames the methods of justice and legitimate reasons. Violence… is inhuman, immoral and a bad political strategy. No one could understand this better than Mahatma Gandhi. Inciting the victims to violence is like a trap. Don’t fall into it.’

However, not only Swara Bhaskar criticized the Nupur Sharma case, but before that Bollywood actress Richa Chadha also took a jibe on Nupur Sharma’s apologizing for her statements.

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