‘This is a jihadi nation’: Kangana Ranaut burst out after govt decides to repeal farm laws

Kangana Ranaut, famous for her illogical remarks, is in a lot of controversies these days. Terming the decision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to repeal farm laws as shameful, Kangana Ranaut has given a controversial statement. Angered by the withdrawal of agricultural laws, Kangana has described India as a ‘jihadi nation’. In his address to the nation, PM Modi today announced the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws.

What did Kangana Ranaut said?

Kangana’s Twitter account is suspended, but she is constantly making toxic statements by uploading Instagram stories. Describing the return of agricultural laws as sad and shameful in Insta Story, Kangana wrote, “Sad, shameful, absolutely unfair. If people on the streets have started to make laws and not the chosen government in the Parliament, then even this is a jihadi nation. Congratulations to all who wanted it like this.”

However, that was not all, she went on to state that there was a dictatorship was the ‘only resolution’. Commemorating the 104th birth anniversary of former Indian PM Indira Gandhi, she wrote, “When the conscience of the nation is in deep sleep, lath (the cane) is the only solution and dictatorship is the only resolution… Happy birthday Madam Prime Minister.”

kangana ranaut

Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his address to the nation today announced the withdrawal of all three agricultural laws. PM Modi said that today I want to tell everyone that we have decided to repeal all three agriculture laws. The purpose was that the farmers of the country, especially the small farmers, should get more strength, they should get the right price for their produce and more and more options to sell the produce, today I want to tell everyone that we have decided to repeal all three agriculture laws. For years, farmers of the country, agricultural experts of the country, farmers’ organizations of the country were continuously making this demand. Earlier also many governments had brainstormed on this.

He said, “This time also there was discussion in Parliament, brainstorming took place and these laws were brought. In every nook and corner of the country, many farmers’ organizations welcomed and supported it. I am very grateful to all of them today. Our government, for the welfare of farmers, especially for the welfare of small farmers, in the interest of the agricultural world of the country, in the interest of the country, for the bright future of the village poor, with full sincerity, with devotion to the farmers, This law was brought with a noble intention, but such a sacred thing, completely pure, in the interest of farmers, we could not explain to some farmers despite our efforts.

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