‘This is a fight bigger than any ambition’: Congress leader Pawan Kheda on not being sent to Rajya Sabha

Pawan Kheda on not being sent to Rajya Sabha: A day after expressing displeasure over not being sent to the Rajya Sabha, Pawan Khera has said that our ambition is not to come to any post, but to fight for the rights of the last man according to the ideology of the Congress and defeat the poisonous ideology.

Referring to Sonia Gandhi’s inspiration, Khera said that Sonia Gandhi strengthened the ideology by rejecting the post. We are not to be blinded by our personal ambition. In fact, on Sunday, the Congress released a list of 10 candidates for the Rajya Sabha elections, in which the party’s national general secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala, Imran Pratapgarhi, Pramod Tiwari and others have been given place. At the same time, prominent G-23 leaders Ghulam Nabi Azad and Anand Sharma were kept out of the list. Congress also did not include Pawan Khera in the list. After which he has expressed his pain on Twitter.

But by Monday, Khera appeared mollified. “Getting blinded by personal ambition is a luxury you and I cannot afford in this fight. This is a fight bigger than any ambition,” he tweeted.

Pawan Kheda on not being sent to Rajya Sabha

Maybe there was something missing in my penance – Pawan Kheda

Expressing his displeasure towards the party, he wrote on Twitter, “Maybe something was missing in my penance.” While retweeting one of his own tweets, Pawan Khera wrote, “I have been recognized by Congress. I also agree with my point of view and stand firm on it.” In the tweet that Khera retweeted, it was written, “Whether we are the spokesperson of the party or the law minister in the Congress government, our identity is made of Congress. . None of us should forget this.”

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