‘This is a completely fabricated image’: New York Times denounces fake viral image praising Narendra Modi

Finally, the Bhakts have insulted PM Modi internationally. By tampering with the layout and news of the New York Times newspaper, the Bhakts made the news of PM Modi’s pride, quoting The New York Times, viral on social media when the PM himself was on the US tour.

This knowledge, born out of WhatsApp University, grabbed headlines for some time but turned into disgrace as soon as the reality surfaced. That too internationally, because the New York Times itself came out to refute that cut-paste fake news.

Yesterday the ‘New York Times’ issued a statement saying that the news being circulated in it’s name describing ‘Narendra Modi as the world’s last hope’ is fake. The organization shared the fake news being shared with the picture of PM Modi on its official Twitter handle and wrote, ‘This is one of the many fabricated pictures and news, in which the name of New York Times referring to Prime Minister Modi. Sharing a link, the organization further wrote that ‘all our factual news related to Narendra Modi can be seen on this link’.

It is believed that the BJP is describing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to America as very successful and is also trying to capitalize on it by making it an issue. At the same time, after this tweet of the New York Times, people are making fun on social media.

Senior journalist Ajit Anjum wrote, ‘The hoax of Modi Bhakts and the photo shop is ringing in the world. Journalist Rana Ayyub wrote, ‘What an embarrassment the New York Times had to issue a clarification. If nothing else, the photo shop skills of our leaders are becoming international news.

On the other hand, former IAS Surya Pratap Singh wrote, ‘President Biden answered the questions of the press 140 times in his 9 months tenure, but how many times did PM Modi give in 7 years? Do you know? Even advised the President of US not to take questions from the press.

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