‘This film is an election stunt for 2024’: Kashmiri Pandits on ‘The Kashmir Files’

The film titled ‘The Kashmir Files’ has been in controversy ever since its release on March 11. The film is based on the exodus of Kashmiri Pandits in 1990. Governments have made this film tax-free in BJP ruled states, while government employees have also been given half-day leave. But Kashmiri Pandits are not looking very happy about this film.

In fact, BBC spoke to Kashmiri Pandits living in Jammu and got to know their side. During this, a Kashmiri Pandit named Shadilal Pandita said, “I think this film (The Kashmir Files) is an election stunt for 2024. They will go all over the world and say, look, there have been atrocities against Kashmiri Pandits. Pakistan destroyed us.. Pakistan did militancy. At that time common Muslim was not there. Even Muslims were killed.”

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A Kashmiri Pandit named Pyarelal Pandita says – “This film has been made to highlight our issue unilaterally. I will consider that producer/director brave who can make a film on the genocides of both sides. That’s why I appeal to other producers-directors who should expose the wounds on both sides. So that the world knows that this one-sided oppression of majority community, where did they come from? They are too Pakistan sponsored.”

Sunil Pandita says- “We have had an exodus in 1990. The government of India is also responsible for that. I think such films will further distance between both the communities. From 1990 till today, only films have been made on us but nothing has happened. Even today, by making this film, neither I can return home nor this will bring any solution for my Jammu and Kashmir. The way we have been used as political tissue paper since 1990 till today, same thing is happening even today. The gap that we had tried to bridge, will further increase now.”

Kashmiri Pandits on ‘The Kashmir Files’

Anjali Raina, a Kashmiri Pandit, says, “The then government did not let our voice come out. What have we done that we have to live our life like this? Hoping to go home but we are scared. It is scary to see the scenery there. I miss my home.. my birthplace.”

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