‘They don’t have the facility to look 16 in their 60’: Author Ashok Kumar Pandey slams Raveena Tandon for mocking Agnipath protestors

Protests are happening across the country regarding the Agneepath scheme of the Central Government. The situation is that the protesters have set many trains and buses on fire against this scheme of the Modi government. In such a situation, even the celebrities of the film world are not shying away from giving their opinion on this matter. Now in this episode, Hindi film actress Raveena Tandon took a jibe against the protestors. However her tweet has not gone down well with a section of Twitter and a famous author has taken Raveena under wraps.

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In fact, Raveena Tandon has mocked the protestors while sharing the video of a TV channel in view of the recent rebellion against the Agneepath scheme. On the basis of which Raveena has said that the 23-year-old candidate protesting.

Famous writer Ashok Kumar Pandey has reacted immediately to this comment of the actress. Taking a dig at Raveena, Ashok Kumar tweeted, “Try to live life of a common man for once. Conflict and unemployment make people age prematurely. They do not have the facility to look sixteen in sixty by wearing make-up.”

Fans criticize Raveena Tandon

Apart from writer Ashok Kumar Pandey, fans on social media are also criticizing Raveena Tandon a lot. In which a Twitter user has written that “Raveena ji, why don’t you send your children for 4 years army recruitment.” Another user has said that “someone once ask this madam from where she has to get a political ticket in the next election.”

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