‘They are not aliens, They are fellow humans’: After Taapsee Pannu, Sonakshi Sinha slams celebs for parroting government line

There has been an uproar in India ever since foreign celebrities have tweeted on the Indian farmer movement. So far, many Bollywood celebs and cricketers have tweeted the official statement of the Indian government and are raising the talk of Indian unity. All these celeb are also facing criticism from the public as the general public is calling them ‘Government Chamcha’. Apart from these celebs, Sonakshi Sinha has put her voice on social media last night on the tweet of Indian farmers movement and foreign celebrities. Sonakshi Sinha has written in her social media post that the foreigners who are tweeting on the Indian farmer movement are not aliens.

Sonakshi Sinha has written on her Instagram story, ‘Before you get the misfortune that Arnab comes and criticizes the foreigners including Rihanna and Greta, you should know a few things. It is true that these foreigners have no knowledge about Indian farmer bills and Indian farming but this is not the only thing. ‘

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‘These people have raised their voice against human rights abuses. These voices have been raised against halting internet services and spreading hate speech. These voices have been raised against the misuse of power. ”

‘When the Indian media is saying that these are all outside forces, which are trying to control the Indian system, then you have to keep in mind that they are not aliens. They are all human beings and are telling humans about entitlements. These are two separate debates. People may have different opinions on the policies and laws of the government. But don’t let those ideas dominate the Human Rights Debate. ‘

Read Sonakshi Sinha’s posts:

ongoing farmers’ movement in India is currently the talk of the world. As soon as international popstar Rihanna tweeted about it, the movement started getting support from all over the world. But some Bollywood celebrities opposed it and supported the government’s role. Actress Kangana Ranaut was the first to respond to Rihanna’s tweet . In which she called Rihanna a fool. Other Bollywood stars, however, called on all to remain united, saying that Rihanna or anyone outside India who had reacted to this was a false propaganda against the country.

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