“There should be IT, ED, CBI raids on BJP leaders too”: Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik

Meghalaya Governor Satya Pal Malik has once again given a big statement. He said that he too had indications that if he keeps quiet, he would have been made the Vice President. But he said, he can’t do that. He then said- There are many people in BJP, on whom ED, CBI, IT raids can be done. He said that the government should also get these BJP people raided. Malik also said that he will go to the farmers after the governor’s term ends.

Satya Pal Malik has come on a Rajasthan tour on Sunday. He had reached here in the Bagad area of ​​Jhunjhunu district. Meghalaya Governor Malik is known for his sharp attitude. This time he has given a big statement about the Vice President. Talking to reporters, Satya Pal Malik said- “Jagdeep Dhankhar deserves this post, but I was also signaled that if I stop speaking the truth, then I will be made the Vice President. But I said. I cannot do that.”

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He further said- “Whatever I feel. I do speak. Even if I have to give up anything for that.” Malik has also given a big statement regarding the raids of ED, IT and CBI on non-BJP leaders in the country. He said that there are many people in BJP on whom ED, IT and CBI raids should have been conducted by now, but it has not happened. This is the reason why a different atmosphere has been created in the country regarding these agencies.

Malik said, “Government should also take some action against its people, so that the atmosphere created in the country regarding agencies can remain correct.” Satya Pal Malik praised Congress leader Rahul Gandhi. He said that is good. A young man is working for his party. A leader is walking on foot, whereas in today’s time no one does this. The public will tell what is the message that goes out of his Bharat Jodo Yatra. But he seems to be working fine.

Malik said that after the completion of the governor’s term, he would support the farmers in their fight. A mistake is being made to think of the farmer as an idiot. But the farmer is a very smart community. People associated with the farmers’ movement are also smart. I will do my best to help them. Wherever there will be farmers’ fight. I will go there.”

Malik also attacked the growing wealth of businessman Gautam Adani. He said that a situation like YouTube is happening in the country. While Adani’s wealth is increasing, farmers’ income is going down. Adani has become the third richest person in the world. There is a discussion among the people that the government is supporting Adani. He said that in view of the present circumstances, it does not seem that the government will take any decision on MSP, so the farmers will have to agitate again.

He said- This time he himself will join the movement. Malik also commented on the renaming of Rajpath. He said that he always support the work of the Prime Minister, but there was no need to name Rajpath as duty path. The name Rajpath was alsocorrect. It also sounds good. Now the path of duty seems like a mantra, but now since the Prime Minister has done this, we have to accept.

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