‘The system has failed us’: Actress Pooja Bhatt expresses her anger over covid deaths in the country

The second wave of Corona virus has become uncontrollable in the country. On Thursday (April 22), more than 3 lakh 14 thousand new cases of Covid-19 have been reported in the country and more than 2 thousand people have died. The Narendra Modi government at the Center has been severely criticized for deaths due to Corona virus. Everyone, from the general public to the leader of the opposition, is blaming the failed medical system and the government for the Covid death.

In the same sequence, Bollywood actress Pooja Bhatt has criticized the Modi government. Pooja Bhatt has alleged that during the time of this epidemic, the government has left the public alone on their condition. Pooja Bhatt has said that the medical system and the government have failed in the country. Pooja Bhatt has described the current government as a failure.

Pooja Bhatt expresses her survivors guilt

Pooja Bhatt wrote in her tweet on Thursday (April 22), “Does anyone feel surviving gilt?” … because I definitely feel it. Every death I hear … is like a shock to me. The system has failed us. The political class has blood on their hands … because they did not prepare for this in advance, because they gave us the wrong message that everything is fine … because they left us on our condition. ”

This tweet by Pooja Bhatt is becoming increasingly viral. Many people have commented on the tweets and expressed their opinion. Many people have said that they are feeling helpless and helpless. Pooja Bhatt often posts on her social media about the condition of corona virus. Pooja has been questioning the government’s failure regarding Corona for several days.

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Prior to Pooja Bhatt, many artists, including Priyanka Chopra, Sonu Sood, have said on the condition of Covid that the situation in India is very bad. Priyanka Chopra recently said that India’s condition is very worrying. Priyanka appealed to the people to stay in the house. At the same time, Sonu Sood had said that our system has completely failed in the second wave of corona virus.

Let us know that due to the increasing number of patients in the second wave of Corona, every state is facing a huge shortage of medical oxygen, Covid beds and Remedesivir medicine. However, the Central Government has assured that oxygen and Remedisivi are being supplied as soon as possible.

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