The Journalist who took the viral picture of a policeman beating a farmer was attacked by 5-6 people

A picture of the farmers’ protest became very viral. In this, a policeman was seen raising sticks to beat a Sikh farmer. This photo was taken by Ravi Chaudhary, Photo Journalist of PTI. Now Ravi Chaudhary has claimed an attack on himself.

According to the news, Ravi was going on a bike on December 7 with his fiancée. It is alleged that when he reached near Ganga Canal Road in Ghaziabad, 5-6 people attacked him. It is worth noting that the Bolero car in which the attacker were riding was written on it, ‘Government of India’.

Ravi Chaudhary tweeted and informed about this matter. He also alleged that the police of Muradnagar police station of Ghaziabad refused to write the FIR. But later, the Ghaziabad police registered an FIR. Also assured to take action.

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“The driver of the Bolero stopped Ravi’s vehicle while it was overtaking. Allegedly abused Ravi and his fiancée. When Ravi opposed this, the driver opened his car and blocked his way. Ravi alleges that three to four people got out of the car and started beating. Many people sat inside the car. When he somehow escaped from the scene, the people in the car chased him for some distance. “

However, in a conversation with Times of India journalist Piyush Rai, Ghaziabad ASP Raja Raja told that the Bolero car has been identified. Soon the accused will be arrested.

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