The farmer whose photo BJP put in the advertisement is protesting at Singhu border, now preparing to send a legal notice

Farmers are protesting at different borders of Delhi against three farm laws of the Center. Meanwhile, the Punjab BJP team has released a poster in support of the laws. BJP has put a photo of the farmer of Punjab in this poster. Harpreet, seen in the photo, has been sitting against the new agriculture law at the Singhu border for the last 2 weeks. Punjab BJP has now removed the poster from Facebook, but the BJP is being severely criticized on social media.

Punjab BJP released the poster

The matter first came to light when the Punjab unit of the BJP posted a graphic on its official Facebook page to support the agricultural legislation. In this advertisement, the party has tried to remove the doubts raised on the minimum support price. The advertisement was shared by the BJP’s Punjab unit on its Facebook page on Monday. In one corner of this advertisement giving data on crop purchase, a Punjabi farmer is shown standing with a plow. These farmers are none other than Harpreet Singh of Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

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BJP took 7 seven year old photo without permission

Harpreet, a farmer and actor by profession, says that he put this picture on social media 6-7 years ago. A friend on WhatsApp told him yesterday evening that his picture was put in the advertisement, while his permission was not taken before putting the picture. His verified Facebook page is TheHarpFarmer. He has written in a post that the BJP has crossed the ‘shameless limit’ by using his picture.

Harpreet heard BJP on Facebook

Harpreet Singh has written, there is a limit to shamelessness, but it seems that by getting unlimited internet of Jio, their shamelessness has also become unlimited. Harpreet says that he has been sitting with the farmers on the Singhu border since the first week of December. Popularly known as ‘Harp Farmer’ among friends, Harpreet holds a master’s degree in software engineering. The family owns two acres of land. Harpreet has also done a Facebook Live in this regard.

Will send legal notice to BJP
In Punjab, people are calling Harpreet and saying that he is the poster boy of BJP. At the same time, Harpreet says that he is the poster boy of the farmers, not the BJP. He has decided to send a legal notice to BJP with BJP’s add and his original photo. Harpreet has been demonstrating on the Singhu border for two weeks, where farmers from several states including Punjab, Haryana have been protesting against farmer laws since 26 November.

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