‘Telepromter PM’: Narendra Modi started ‘stammering’ in front of the world as prompter suddenly stopped

Telepromter PM: Today Prime Minister Narendra Modi had to stop his speech in the middle for some time. People started saying on social media that the teleprompter of Prime Minister Modi giving a speech at the World Economic Forum may have suddenly stopped, after which Prime Minister Modi could not speak! The PM was also seen pointing to the people present there. Actually the teleprompter looks like a TV on which the script comes. That is, what to say is written on the teleprompter.

The PM seems nervous and started stammering as soon as teleprompter stops functioning and to manage the situation, he asks the Chairman of the World Economic Forum, Klaus Schwab, whether his voice can be heard.
Chairman Claus says that his voice, thousands of people are listening to him.

After a while PM Modi starts his address from the beginning. He addressed the World Economic Forum for about half an hour. And in the seventh minute the teleprompter stops functioning.

As soon as the video went viral, the opposition started targeting PM Modi. Congress leader Radhika Khera tweeted and said that is this the reason why PM does not hold press conference. After this incident, #TeleprompterPM started trending on Twitter.

Telepromter PM

At the same time, BJP supporters claim that all this problem was caused by the World Economic Forum and the PM’s teleprompter was not defective.

Speaking at the summit, PM Modi said that India, which is celebrating its 75th year of independence and also administering 156 crore vaccine doses in the country, has gifted the world a bouquet of hope. . PM Modi said, “This bouquet contains full faith in democracy, the technology that will empower the 21st century, the talent and nature of Indians.”

Modi is often attacked regarding press conference because the Prime Minister has not held a single press conference for 8 years. His every speech is read by teleprompter. Screens are placed on the left, right and front in which his speeches are written. Whether it is on the stage of a political speech, on an election platform or as a PM addressing abroad, Narendra Modi uses teleprompter everywhere. He will not be able to do this in the press conference because there will be questions from journalists and Modi will have to answer them directly.

There is no official statement from the government on this yet. As soon as it comes, it will be added to this news. But it is clear that whether the teleprompter was defective or not, but Narendra Modi reads his speech from the teleprompter and this Congress has been successful in telling the whole country. And BJP supporters have also started saying that the teleprompter was not defective. In a way, they are also accepting that PM reads from the teleprompter.

Several people on Twitter shared the video for a joke, some of the tweets are below.

Telepromter PM
Telepromter PM
Telepromter PM

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