Taliban issues statement on Russia-Ukraine crisis; Asks both countries to end crisis through “peaceful means”

Taliban issues statement on Russia-Ukraine crisis: Today is the second day of the war between Russia and Ukraine and so far 137 people of Ukraine have been killed in missile and bomb blasts. Several Russian planes have also been destroyed. All the countries around the world are expressing concern over the Russia-Ukraine war. At the same time, while giving a statement on the Ukraine crisis, the Taliban said that both sides need to exercise restraint.

Expressing concern over the situation between Russia and Ukraine, the Taliban said that all sides should refrain from taking steps that create situations of violence. The Taliban further said that the two sides should communicate with each other and resolve the matter.

Taliban issues statement on Russia-Ukraine crisis

Let us tell you, Ukraine’s Deputy Defense Minister Hannah Malayar said that 7 aircraft units, 6 helicopter units, more than 30 tank units and 130 BBM units of Russia have been destroyed by 3 am on February 25. Apart from this, he also claimed the death of 800 Russian soldiers.

At the same time, on the very first day on Thursday, the news of the loss of 137 lives in this attack has come to the fore. Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has expressed disappointment about the attitude of countries around the world amid tensions. He said that we have been left alone to fight Russia.

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