Taliban bans shaving, beard trimming in Afghanistan’s Helmand province citing Islamic law

In Afghanistan, the Taliban is slowly trying to implement the conditions like their hardline rule. Posters of women printed outside many beauty parlors were badly distorted since control in this country, and now the Taliban in Helmand province of Afghanistan has banned hairdressers from trimming beards or shaving beards. Some barbers in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, have also said that they have received similar orders.

According to a Frontier Post report, the Taliban has banned stylish hairstyles and beard trimming in Helmand province. The Taliban say it violates their interpretation of Islamic law. Whoever ignores this rule will be punished. It was written in this report that officials of the Ministry of Islamic Orientation had gone to Lashkar Gah and had a meeting with representatives of several salons.

‘Do not even play music inside the salon’: Taliban

In this meeting, the representatives of the salon were asked to stay away from stylish hair cutting and trimming and cutting of beard. Significantly, the Taliban has also posted on social media regarding this order. It has also been said in this order that distance should be maintained from any kind of music or any other music inside the salon.

It was also written in this report that notices have been pasted outside salons in Helmand province in which Taliban officials have warned that salon workers must follow Sharia law to cut hair and beard. According to a BBC report, Taliban fighters are coming several times near the hairdressers of Kabul and they are being told not to cut or trim people’s beards. Apart from this, people who want to cut hair in ‘American hairstyle’ or stylish hairstyle should also be forbidden for haircut.

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‘Afghanistan’s salon owners are afraid of losing their business’

It is worth noting that even during the first Taliban regime between 1996 and 2001, the Taliban, adopting fanaticism, banned stylish hairstyles. Apart from this, emphasis was also given on increasing the beard of men during that time. However, after the end of the Taliban rule, it became quite common for Afghans to have a clean shave look or stylish hairstyle. It is believed that after this order of the Taliban, the business of salons of Afghanistan will be destroyed.

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