Taliban bans IPL 2021 broadcast in Afghanistan due to presence of women in the stadium

Taliban bans IPL: The Taliban had said in its first press conference that women’s rights would be protected, but now once again a contradiction has been seen in the words and deeds of the Taliban.

The Taliban in their new decree has banned the broadcast of IPL inside Afghanistan. The Taliban have argued that there is a presence of women in the stadium and it also includes women’s dance, so it cannot be broadcast in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have also issued warnings to Afghan media outlets against the broadcast.

In fact, last week, Afghanistan’s new sports minister said the Taliban would allow 400 sports, but declined to confirm whether women could attend. “Please don’t ask too many questions about women,” Bashir Ahmed Rustamzai told AFP news agency.

Taliban bans IPL broadcast in Afgghanistan

Now the Taliban have banned the broadcast of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in Afghanistan.

The Taliban have warned that Afghan media outlets should not broadcast the Indian Premier League due to girls dancing and the presence of female spectators in stadiums.

The Taliban have been repeatedly asserting that women’s rights will be respected within the framework of Islam, but within its limits. Now how will it be decided that what is its limit?

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The Taliban is bent on crushing every right of women by citing Islamic rules. The telecast of IPL has been stopped when women do not even play in it. Even the presence of women only in the stadium is not acceptable to the Taliban.

“Women cannot be ministers, they must give birth” – Taliban
Another Taliban spokesman, Syed Jekerullah Hashimi, told Tolo News in a shocking statement that women “cannot be ministers, they must give birth to children.”

“A woman can’t be a minister, it’s like you put something around her neck that she can’t take. Women don’t have to be in the cabinet. They should have children.

Earlier this month, the Taliban’s new higher education minister said that Afghan women would be allowed to attend university as long as they study separately from men. The Taliban government is also made up of only men.

During the brutal and oppressive regime of extremists from 1996 to 2001, women were completely banned from playing any sport, while men’s sports were also tightly controlled. Women were also largely barred from education and work.

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