Take blood pressure medicine before sleeping to reduce the risk of heart attack

The problem of blood pressure has become a very common problem nowadays. High blood pressure can also increase the risk of other diseases including heart attack. People suffering from this disease should get their blood pressure checked from time to time. Keep a record of your blood pressure fluctuations. If you are taking any medicine to keep your blood pressure under control, it will also be easier to get an idea of ​​how effective that medicine is.

Friends, blood pressure can be both high and low blood pressure. Blood pressure is normal 120/80 but, increasing or decreasing more than this is enough to start physical problems as well as to knock many diseases.

Apart from this, the risk of heart and blood vessel related problems is also less in people who use these medicines at night.

Friends, the doctors analyzed the blood pressure of the patients when they joined the study and every time they went to the clinic. They performed an ambulatory blood pressure monitoring of patients visiting the clinic at least once a year.

Researchers found that patients who took their medicines at night had a 45 percent reduction in the risk of heart attack, myocardial infarction, stroke, etc., compared to patients who took their medicines in the morning when they woke up.

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