Tab shor machate the, aaj “Maun” hain: Rahul Gandhi takes a dig at PM Modi over continuous weakening of rupee

Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has targeted PM Narendra Modi for the continuous weakening of the rupee against the US dollar. Rahul Gandhi has shown the ongoing fall in the rupee through a graph and has attacked PM Modi for this. In the background of the graph is an old speech of PM Modi, in which he targets the then (Congress) government for the fall in the rupee and asks why the Indian rupee is falling.

Sharing the graph of rupee falling with this excerpt from PM Modi’s speech, Rahul Gandhi said, “‘The country is in the throes of despair’, These are your own words, aren’t they, Prime Minister ji? As much noise you used to make at that time, today you are as ‘maun’ (silent) seeing the Rupee depreciating rapidly,”

Even before this, Rahul Gandhi had taken a jibe at the Modi government over the fall in the rupee, saying that the rupee reaching 80 is ‘Amrit Kaal’. Rahul Gandhi had tweeted, “Rupee at 40: ‘Refreshing’. At 50: ‘India in crisis’. At 60: ICU. At 70: Atmanirbhar. At 80: Amritkaal.” Targeting the Modi government and blaming the Modi government’s economic policy for this decline.

Rupee continues to depreciate. The rupee has slipped to near 80 against the US dollar. The rupee had slipped to a record low of 79.99 per dollar on Thursday. However, it saw a slight improvement on Friday as the rupee jumped by eight paise to 79.91 against the US dollar at the interbank foreign exchange market due to weakening of the dollar overseas and heavy buying in the domestic equity market. The rupee opened at 79.95 per dollar and had reached a high of 79.82 during trading. It closed at 79.91 per dollar with the strength of 8 paise.

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