Taapsee Pannu hits out at Kangana Ranaut, says it’s in her DNA to be toxic

Actresses Kangana Ranaut and Taapsee Pannu are now once again face-to-face over the issue of farmers agitating against the controversial new agricultural laws of the central government. Let us tell you that, recently, Kangana Ranaut, while replying to a tweet by Taapsee Pannu, called her ‘B grade’, ‘free loader’ and ‘fool’. In response to this, Tapasi has also given a befitting reply, saying that Kangana’s DNA is poisonous.

Taapsee Pannu

In fact, Taapsee Pannu, while taunting Bollywood and other celebrities, wrote in her tweet, “If a tweet can shake your unity, a joke will crush your faith and a show hurts your religious faith. You are the only one who needs to work on his value system and not be a propaganda teacher for others. ”

Taking a dig at Taapsee Pannu’s tweet, Kangana Ranaut wrote, ” B grade thinking of the B grade people, one should stand up for the the faith of his motherland and family, this is the deed, this is also the religion. Don’t be a free fund a eater … the burden of this country … that’s why I call them B grade … don’t pay attention to these loaders. “

Kangana did not stop here but in another tweet she said, “Anti-nationals have come out and they are trying their best to wander the issue.” Wait, I am going to give an interview to Arnab Goswami tonight and I will reveal their truth layer by layer, hahaha. “

Meanwhile, Taapsee was responding to some people’s reactions to Kangna’s tweets. In one of these answers, Taapsee said that only one person (Kangana) has got the patent to express her opinion. Taapsee further said that Kangna’s DNA is full of poisons and abuses.

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Taapsee wrote in response to a tweet she was tagged, ‘But if this is the basis of one’s DNA and RNA or even platelets.’ The user had shared screenshots of Kangana’s tweets on Taapsee and wrote ‘Looks like Taapsee’s tweet has hurt a lot. It should have been funny and not so poisonous and abusive. ‘

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