Supreme Court warns Sudarshan TV: “Strict action will be taken if any violation…

Sudarshan TV’s show ‘Bindas Bol’ has been in dispute for a long time. The matter is being heard by the Supreme Court (SC). Now on this issue, the central government said in the SC on November 18 that the episodes of the show were abusive and had the potential to promote communal outlook ‘. Even though the Center considered the content of the show outrageous, it did not show any intention to ban it.

According to the report of ‘Indian Express’, the Center says that the channel can air the remaining episodes of the show, but by changing them. In the affidavit submitted by the Center to the Supreme Court, on November 4, reference was given to an order passed by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting. This order states, “after examining all the facts and circumstances of this case and balancing the rights of the broadcaster, it has been decided to warn ‘Sudarshan TV Channel Ltd to be careful in future. It has been instructed that if any violation of the program code is found in the future, strict punishment will be taken.”

In fact, in the promo of ‘Bindas Bol’ show, Suresh Chavanke claimed to expose ‘UPSC Jihad’ and ‘Bureaucratic Jihad’. After four episodes telecast, the case reached the Supreme Court. In the Supreme Court on 15 September, while hearing by a bench of Justice D.Y. Chandrachurda, Justice Indu Malhotra and Justice KM Joseph, the telecast of the remaining episodes of the show was banned.

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The bench had said that “initially it seems that the purpose of the program is to discredit the Muslim community.” On 26 October the Solicitor General of India Tushar Mehta said that he would keep the record of the action taken by the ministry. Then on November 18, the order of the Ministry was placed in the Supreme Court. The order which was issued on November 4.

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