Subramanian Swamy removes ‘BJP’ from Twitter bio after being dropped from party’s national executive committee

BJP’s Rajya Sabha MP Subramanian Swamy, who questioned the government’s economic policies, has expressed his displeasure with the BJP this time by changing his social media bio. Subramanian Swamy has changed his Twitter and Facebook bio and removed the word BJP from it. The most interesting line is what Swami has written in his bio – I gave you exactly what I received. This line is being seen as Swamy’s displeasure with the BJP.

In fact, Subramanian Swamy was not included in the National Executive of the party formed by BJP National President JP Nadda on Thursday. Subramanian Swamy did not openly react when he was ousted from the national executive, but he has expressed his displeasure by removing the name of BJP from the bio of Twitter and Facebook. Subramanian Swamy, in his new bio on Twitter, describes himself as a Rajya Sabha MP, former cabinet minister, PhD in economics from Harvard and professor. He has removed the word BJP from his bio.

Swamy’s Twitter bio screenshot

Retweeting the tweets criticizing BJP
Along with this, Swami also wrote in the bio of his social media handles that I gave you exactly as I received. Subramanian Swamy did not react openly when contacted about his removal from the BJP’s national executive, but he is clearly retweeting the tweet criticizing the BJP about it and making it clear that he is angry with this decision of the party president.

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Have been continuously raising their voice against the Modi government
Subramanian Swamy continues to raise his voice on social media platforms about the government’s economic policies and looking at his mood, it is believed that he will not tolerate it in silence. It is believed that in the coming days, he can adopt an even more harsh stand on the BJP and the government. Apart from Subramanian Swamy, several veteran leaders including Varun Gandhi and Maneka Gandhi have been dropped from the national executive as announced by the BJP on Thursday.

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