Subramanian Swamy accuses Amit Shah and PM Modi of plotting his murder like Haren Pandya

BJP leader and former MP Subramanian Swamy has made a very shocking claim about his murder. Subramanian Swamy has claimed in a tweet that Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah can make him do the same as Haren Pandya. The former Union Minister wrote, “I hope Modi and Shah are not planning on me like Haren Pandey.”

Subramanian Swamy tweeted, “I hope Modi & Shah are not planning a Haren Pandeya on me. If so I may have to alert my friends. Remember I give as good as I get. The duo have even bluffed those in the highest authority in RSS.” This is the first time that Swamy has leveled such serious allegations against Modi and Shah. However, he continues to criticize the decisions of the Modi government.

After this Subramanian Swamy has also retweeted the tweet of a Twitter user. In which the person told Subramanian Swamy that, “Sir please go to a safe place. We all know what happened to Haren Pandya. Modi-Shah are planning to kill you. Hope the court will come to your rescue.”

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Who was Haren Pandya?

Haren Pandya was the former Home Minister of Gujarat. On 26 March 2003, Pandya was killed by two unidentified assailants. He was shot during his morning walk in Ahmedabad’s Law Garden. His body was lying in his car for two hours. Haren Pandya’s father had leveled allegations against Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat, for this murder. There was a tussle between Narendra Modi and Haren Pandya after Modi became the Chief Minister.

Haren Pandya was a formidable political opponent of Modi within the Gujarat BJP. The two publicly clashed in 2001. According to reports, after being appointed the Chief Minister, Modi was looking for a safe seat for his victory in the assembly. He wanted to contest the by-election from Ellisbridge in Ahmedabad, Pandya’s constituency. It was a very safe seat for the BJP. But Pandya did not agree to give up the seat for Modi. According to a BJP leader, Pandya had said, “If I am asked to vacate this seat for a BJP youth, I will do it, but not for this man.”

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