‘Stop playing with the sentiments of Sanatanis’: Manoj Muntashir faces the heat of right wing boycott gang

Ever since Om Raut launched the teaser of Adipurush, different reactions are coming out on it. Writer of the film Manoj Muntashir’s statement has also been added to the controversies related to the film.

Manoj Muntashir who got fame from the song ‘Kesaria’ is now facing boycott threat from his own right wing clan for his association with the film Adipurush which is accused of showing Ravana in Islamic look. Right wing trolls are also angry over a statement of him that “all the people working in Adipurush are Sanatani and believe in Lord Ram”. He said this from the open stage during the teaser release of the film.

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Muntashir often gets into controversies due to his statements and has created a huge fan base in right-wing Hindutva ecosystem by continuously speaking against Mughals.

Manoj Muntashir faces the heat of boycott gang

Let us tell you that the BJP, Hindu Mahasabha and users have expressed anger over the Ravana avatar of Saif Ali Khan. All India Hindu Mahasabha has compared his look with Khilji. Madhya Pradesh Home Minister Narottam Mishra has written a letter to the film’s director Om Raut, asking him to remove objectionable scenes and content from the film. Failure to do so has warned of taking legal action.

Ever since the teaser release, right wing trolls have been abusing Ajay Devgan’s VFX company for bad visual effects on social media. Now an official statement has been issued by the company on this, clarifying that they have not worked on the visual effects of the film.

The leading VFX studio, NY VFXwaala, has clarified that they have not worked on or are working on Aaipurush’s CG or special effects. An official note from their side has been released.

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