“Stop dividing country”: Billionaire Nadir Godrej on growing communal hatred in India

Nadir Godrej, the country’s famous industrialist and Chairman and Managing Director of Godrej Industries, has questioned the intentions of the Modi government. Three years ago, the late industrialist Rahul Bajaj had also raised similar questions regarding the Modi government. For the time being, Nadir Godrej has appealed to the Modi government that the government needs to do more than before to stop divisive activities for the growth of the industries. At the same time, he has advised that “we should stop dividing the country”.

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Talking to news agency PTI from the launch program of a book, Godrej Group’s Managing Director said, “We are doing good work on the economic front and also taking welfare measures like financial inclusion and education, but I think we need to try and unify the country and stop dividing the country. I think that is important and I am sure the government also recognises the economic growth requires that, and we should be focusing on that.”

When asked if the industry also needs to do more on this front, he said, “Of course, industry should try and do things also by trying to be as inclusive as possible. And the government should also do more.”

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Earlier, Nadir Godrej said that he wanted to see freedom of expression, where the long arms of the government could not reach and the voices of the opponents could not be suppressed. He also made it clear that we must create an environment in which healthy debate can flourish. Where thoughts live because they are right because they are strong. Our thought should be humanitarian, not sectarian. Sometimes I fear that things are not on track and we may fall behind.

The top Godrej Group official said that we need strong institutions and they take a long time to build but it does not take time to suppress or break them.

Nadir Godrej said that businesses should also realize that making a profit is not the only goal, but by doing something good, you can do better for yourself. We have to think about pursuing both social rights and economic development. He also said that the situation of inequality is serious and it is getting worse.

Godrej Industries’ owner Nadir Godrej’s remarks assume significance as the country’s leading industrialists generally refrain from making any statements against the government. Industrialists are afraid to criticize the government. However, in 2019, late businessman Rahul Bajaj had said that there is an atmosphere of fear in the country.

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