Stock Market: Never invest in such penny stocks, they will make you poor

If you also invest in the stock market, then you need to be careful, because there are many such stocks, in which you can become a pauper by investing money or rather you can go into a lot of losses by investing money in it. Huh. SEBI has also cautioned investors against investing in such stocks.

Dhirendra Kumar, a stock market expert and CEO of Value Research, says that fake stock market advisors give a big lure to people that shares of Re 1 or 50 paise are going to jump fast and will give strong returns in one to two months. Whereas there is no chance of these stocks increasing in the stock market, because the stock of that company once came and now its business is over.

Never invest in such stocks
Dhirendra explains that the old shares are lying with the fake advisors, whose business has come to a standstill and they cannot move forward in the stock market. In such a situation, fake advisors ask people to buy such stocks. At the same time, they lure them that they will get lakhs of crores of rupees in just a few months. However, investors lose money after buying such shares. Fake advisors give investment advice through social media, phone or SMS.

What is their advantage behind this?
Fake advisors have bought such stock for less money and do false promotion to sell it and when people start buying it then the price of this stock goes up, but when it gets sold from these advisors then its Prices drop rapidly.

these are some examples
A similar example is that of Venture Growth and Security, which some advisors asked for in December, after which it tripled in the following month, but fell to less than half its value in February. Similarly, the stock of Lassa Supergenerics has a history. Hundreds of such cases have come to the notice of SEBI, regarding which SEBI is taking strict steps.

SEBI’s tough move
SEBI is conducting a search and seizure operation on such fake advisors. Apart from this, awareness is being spread among the people through the press. Also keeping an eye on fraudsters through data leaks.

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