‘State-orchestrated massacre’: Comedian Kunal Kamra’s NYT video slamming govt for covid-19 crisis goes viral

Stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra has blamed PM Modi for the death and mismanagement during Covid. In a New York Times special opinion video, Indian stand-up comedian Kunal Kamra talks about the death and destruction caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Kunal Kamra accused Prime Minister Narendra Modi of failing to control the crisis of Covid.

In the video of 6 minutes 27 seconds, Kunal Kamra spoke on issues like vaccine deficiencies, Kumbh, PM Modi’s rallies in Bengal elections and criticism of the government on Twitter.

The video begins with Kunal Kamra taking a dig at a speech by PM Modi. Kamra referred to the PM’s speech saying that India has “saved mankind from tragedy” by effectively controlling the coronavirus. Kamra has accused PM Modi of “lying” on this claim.

Expressing his displeasure in the opinion video, Kunal Kamra said, “My people are dying needlessly, our government has blood in its hands.”

‘I stop laughing’
Introducing himself in the video, Kamra said, “My name is Kunal Kamra. I am a stand-up comedian from India, and this is where my laughter also stops. Corona was at its peak in May, we were having 400,000 cases and 4,000 deaths every day and experts say these figures are underreported. Now that the rest of the world is reopening, we are still worried.”

Question to the government on organizing Kumbh
Criticizing the organizing of the Kumbh Mela, Kamra said that “In March, the Modi government not only refused to cancel the Kumbh Mela festival, but they actually promoted it. It was a “gathering of millions”.

Kunal Kamra said, “Most of these Hindus had gone to the Kumbh to wash away their past sins, but they should have stayed at home and prayed for a better future.

PM Modi was busy in Bengal election campaign during Corona
Kamra also criticized PM Modi’s election rallies during West Bengal Election 2021. Kamra said, “Clearly: Your vote matters, but not your life.”
Kunal Kamra also raised the issue of death due to corona and then burial of dead bodies from cremation ground to the banks of rivers. He said, “The cremation grounds were full, hundreds of bodies were thrown into the Ganges river. These were suspected COVID deaths. The bodies in the river belonged to people who could not find a respectable place in the crematorium.”

‘Vaccine given to others, what about loved ones?’
Kamra also took a dig at the shortcomings of the vaccination campaign and referred to PM Modi’s statement when he called India the “pharmacy of the world”. Kamra asked, “We produced over 60 million doses for other countries, but we didn’t make enough vaccines for ourselves. What is our government doing about this tragedy?”

Emphasizing on the unscientific nature, Kamra said, “PM Modi’s Ministry of Science and Technology started research on how yoga and breathing exercises can help fight COVID. The government dropped flowers from the helicopter on the doctors for the honor. But there is no cure for the sufferings of doctors.”

FIR for reporting lack of oxygen
Kamra said, “We live in a different lie, but our government is adept at one thing, attacking our critics. Recently, at least two dozen people have been accused of putting up posters criticizing the government’s vaccine policy. People were arrested. Government also asked Twitter to block some tweets which were criticizing its COVID policies. Police is registering FIR against doctors who posted on social media for oxygen “

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