Stampede in BJP Bengal; 300 BJP workers return to TMC after their purification with ‘Ganga Jal’

After the crushing defeat of BJP in West Bengal, the process of returning home of BJP leaders and workers is going on. Some BJP workers are seen apologizing to the people of Bengal with loudspeakers on E-rickshaw, hile others are doing dharna to join TMC. Now the news is that about 300 people have returned in TMC and their return has been performed by sprinkling Gangajal.

According to the English newspaper Times of India, 300 BJP workers were sitting on a hunger strike outside the TMC office in Birbhum, West Bengal. Their demand was that they should be included in TMC again. Ashok Mondal, an activist sitting on the dharna said, “We want us to be taken back to TMC. By joining BJP, we have stopped the development of our village. Joining BJP did not help us. On the contrary, we have suffered a loss.

It is being said that the Ganga Jal purification campaign lasted for about 3 hours. From 8 in the morning to 11 in the morning, the workers were called and sprinkled Gangajal on them. Ashok Mondal said, ‘BJP is a communal party. BJP has mixed poison in our mind. Our peace has been broken. Therefore, to return peace, the workers are sprinkling holy Ganges water. So it was not for the purification of the people. Rather it was to purify their mind.

On the other hand, a local BJP leader told that this is all drama. Our party workers are being forcibly included in TMC. He alleged that everyone is trying to show that there was no violence in Bengal after the elections.

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