“Sorry, we can’t refund education”: Swiggy’s savage potshot at those opposing farmers’ protests

Farmers are on the streets for their rights. The hands which broke the soil and made gold grow in it, the feet which stood in the water even on the night of Pus and took care of the grain, those hands and feet are showering the poles today. It is unfortunate of the country that since Independence till today, the farmers have been standing with their hands stretched ahead of the leaders of Hindustan, which is called the country of farmers. Well, let’s close the serious discussion. Some talk funny. The issue is the same, just the way is different. Meaning farmers only, it is the art of telling your words rather than being serious. The matter is related to Twitter and is related to Swiggy.

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So, it has been said that there is a lot going on in the internet world. Do not share knowledge here, because everyone is knowledgeable here. Now the farmers are on the streets, there is a lot of havoc in the streets of social media. Some side by side. Just as there is discussion throughout the day at the tea shop. Now in the same discussion, a parody account of our Nirmala Tai tweeted a tweet. The tweet contained sarcasm. But the food delivery Swiggy stunned everyone with its savage reply.

Let us explain you in sequence. Profile Nirmala Tai 2.0 tweeted on Twitter. This user named @Cryptic_Miind wrote, ‘Had an argument with my Bhakt friend over farmers protest. He said that we are not dependent on farmers for food. We can always order food from Swiggy. He won. ‘

Now the thing is right on the lines of ‘akal badi’ or ‘bhains’. But this funny case was made more interesting by Swiggy’s reply. The Twitter handle, based on this food delivery app, wrote in response, “Sorry, we cannot refund education.” Overall, the ‘Swiggy’ Didi or Bhaiya told the ‘Bhakt friend’ that he should not open Shakespeare’s book when the study is done only till ‘ABCD’. The Sin rises.

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