“Sorry state of affairs in Parliament; no clarity in laws”: CJI Ramana expresses concern over lack of debate in Parliament

On the occasion of Independence Day, Chief Justice (CJI) NV Ramana has expressed concern over the proceedings of Parliament. Referring to the uproar in the proceedings of the Parliament, he regretted the fact that there is no proper debate while passing the law. Chief Justice NV Ramana, who attended the flag hoisting ceremony, said that due to the lack of debate, many such laws were also passed which had some shortcomings.

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In the program, Chief Justice NV Ramana said, “Now it is sorry state of affairs, now we see legislation with sorry state of affairs. Now we see legislations with lot of gaps, and lot of ambiguity in making laws. There is no clarity in laws. We don’t know for what purpose are the laws being made which is creating a lot of litigation, inconvenience and loss to the government and inconvenience to the public.”

Then the debates and discussions in the House were constructive. They could elaborately discuss the legislation taking place… Laws used to be discussed and deliberated… Unfortunately, over a period of time… you know what is happening in the House. In the absence of quality debate, courts are unable to fathom the intent and object of the new laws,” the CJI addressed an audience of judges and lawyers.

The Chief Justice further said “Our independence struggle was led by lawyers. Mahatma Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Jawaharlal Nehru, Babu Rajendra Prasad were all lawyers. They not only sacrificed their professions but also their families and properties,”  CJI Ramana also urged lawyers to contribute their knowledge to the country and not just confine it to the pursuit of money and a comfortable life.

The statement comes at a time when marred by disruptions since day one, the monsoon session, the sixth of the 17th Lok Sabha, turned out to be the least productive of the Modi government’s second term. The session was also adjourned indefinitely, bringing it to an end two days before the scheduled close of 13 August.

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