Sonu Sood faces backlash for his tweet supporting Manish Kashyap

Actor Sonu Sood is receiving backlash on social media after he made a tweet in support of Manish Kashyap, a Bihar-based YouTuber who was recently booked under the National Security Act (NSA) for spreading fake videos about Bihari migrant laborers being attacked in Tamil Nadu.

On Tuesday, Sood took to Twitter to express his support for the Youtuber. He tweeted, “As much as I know Manish Kashyap, he has always raised his voice for the welfare of the people of Bihar. It is possible that some mistake has also been made by him. But I can say with confidence that he fought only for the national interest. Nothing in our country is above justice and law. Whatever happens, will be right.”

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Sood’s tweet has sparked outrage among Twitter users who are calling out Kashyap for his alleged hate speech and communal bigotry. One user replied, “Celebrating the killers of Mahatma Gandhi? The one who accepts the death of Maulvi? Is this national interest?” Another user wrote, “Do you also know Manish Kashyap’s hatred towards Muslims? Is spewing out poison like this called ‘fighting for the national interest’? After reading the tweets below, if you still feel like supporting him because he has interviewed you, then do.”

Some users criticized Sonu Sood for defending Kashyap despite knowing about his alleged hate speech and criminal activities. One user tweeted, “What a Fall from a Hero in Covid pandemic time to now support a criminal journalist like Manish Kashyap who said countless baseless things and bad mouthed your friend SRK whom you work with.”

The controversy surrounding Kashyap started when he circulated fake videos of Bihari migrant laborers being attacked in Tamil Nadu. He was subsequently booked by Bihar and Tamil Nadu Police. He is currently in Tamil Nadu Police custody. Kashyap has been accused of hate speech and communal bigotry in the past.

Sood, who has been praised for his humanitarian work during the COVID-19 pandemic, has not responded to the criticism he received for his tweet supporting Kashyap. The controversy has sparked a debate on social media about the responsibility of public figures in using their platform to support individuals who have been accused of hate speech and spreading fake news.