Social Media and YouTube influencer Param Jot Singh accepted Islam

Social media and YouTube influencer Param Jot Singh has recently announced his conversion to Islam in a video he posted. He shared the news with his followers, expressing that they can congratulate him for his decision to accept Islam. However, he has not revealed the specific date when he embraced the Islamic faith.

Param Singh has shared in his latest video that he will be revealing the reasons and process behind his conversion to Islam. He mentioned that in the past, he used to feel apprehensive when people asked him about accepting Islam, but now he is a devout Muslim who firmly believes in the faith with all his heart and expresses it openly. He mentioned that he performs five daily prayers (Namaz) and is currently observing fasting during the holy month of Ramadan (Ramzan). He expressed his love for Islam, Allah, and Rasool (Prophet Muhammad).

In his approximately 8-minute video, Param Singh passionately discussed Islam, Allah, and Muhammad. He eloquently portrayed the life and character of the Prophet in a captivating manner, sharing his admiration and respect. In the video, Param Singh was also seen reciting the Kalma, a fundamental declaration of faith in Islam.

Param Singh passionately emphasized the significance of Islam and its Prophet, describing it as an essential faith for all people around the world. He highlighted that Islam is not limited to a specific group or region, but rather a comprehensive way of life for all human beings. Param Singh revealed that he had been conducting research on Islam for the past 2 years, and through his journey, he came to the conclusion that Islam is the path of truth. He also says that Allah loves all mankind and he is the real God.

Significantly, Param Singh is a famous personality on YouTube. He makes videos related to Islamic teachings. He has followers in lakhs. This video of Param Singh accepting Islam is becoming increasingly viral on social media. Till now it has been seen millions of times.