‘Smriti Irani speaks with pointed finger, but first give us accommodation’, MLC Munni Rajak challenges

Bihar’s RJD MLC Munni Rajak has appealed to Union Minister Smriti Irani in her own style. Rajak said, ‘You keep on speaking just by showing your fingers. We are not getting accommodation, Irani ji, please pay attention to this also, get us accommodation first.’

Munni Rajak says that he has been allotted a government residence, but former JDU MLC CP. Sinha is not vacating. RJD MLC also said that RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav picked me up from the road and sent me to the Legislative Council, but BJP people are not providing accommodation.

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In the discussion with the media, Rajak said that I was allotted 42 number MLC house near R block last month, but CP Sinha of JDU is already living in it. They are not vacating this accommodation even after getting me. Sinha is saying that he will not vacate it now, will stay here for one more year. So shall we stay on the road?

Bad condition due to inflation, Modi is after Lalu Yadav
RJD’s MLC Munni Rajak said that due to inflation, common people are in bad condition, but PM Narendra Modi is after RJD chief Lalu Prasad. Sometimes the house of former CM Rabri Devi is raided and sometimes the houses of workers are raided.

Sinha sought six months time to vacate the house
On the other hand, former MLC of the ruling JDU, CP Sinha has clarified on the allegations of Rajak. He said that I have sought 4 to 6 months time from the Chairman of Bihar Legislative Council. I have also given this information to Munni Rajak personally. My son’s health is not good, so I cannot vacate the house. It will not be possible to vacate the house immediately.

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