Smriti Irani Faces Backlash as She Hides Replies on Police Brutality Against Protesting Wrestlers

Smriti Irani, the Women Affairs Minister in the Modi government, came under fire for her lack of response to the ongoing protests by women wrestlers against alleged sexual harassment by a party MP. The controversy escalated when Irani posted a photo of herself from the New Parliament on Twitter, leading to a flurry of criticism from netizens who accused her of prioritizing self-promotion over addressing serious issues.

Irani’s tweet, accompanied by the caption “Photo bombed — ! When everyone wants to be a part of the ‘main frame’,” sparked a wave of backlash as people reminded her of the ongoing wrestlers’ protests. Many questioned her silence on the matter, especially considering her role as the Minister for Women and Child Development.

The context surrounding the controversy reveals that Irani had not made a single public statement regarding the allegations of sexual harassment against Brijbhushan Singh, a Member of Parliament from her party. Meanwhile, female wrestlers had taken to the streets, demanding action and justice for the alleged misconduct. This stark contrast in priorities did not go unnoticed by the public.

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Twitter users flooded the comment section under Irani’s tweet, expressing their outrage and accusing her of prioritizing her own image over the welfare of women athletes. Some of the replies to Irani’s tweet echoed the sentiment of disappointment and frustration.

One user criticized her by stating, “Smriti Irani, Minister for Women and Child Development is busy in photoshoot while our women wrestlers are getting beaten up for protesting against sexual harassment.” Another commenter addressed Irani as a mother, questioning her indifference to the plight of the female wrestlers.

The haunting image of police manhandling the protesting female wrestlers was juxtaposed with Irani’s photo, leading to scathing comments about her alleged lack of empathy. One tweet read, “The world is watching though,” emphasizing the global attention this controversy has garnered.

Further exacerbating the situation, Irani chose to hide the replies under her tweet, implying a deliberate attempt to ignore the criticisms and concerns raised by the public. This action only fueled more backlash, with users expressing their disappointment and labeling her as “shameless” and “inhumane.”

As the Minister for Women and Child Development, Irani’s responsibilities include advocating for the rights and welfare of women across the country. Her silence on the wrestlers’ protests and subsequent focus on self-promotion has raised questions about her commitment to addressing crucial issues affecting women.