Sitaram Yechury responds to PM Modi’s claim of not having APMC in Kerala with some hard hitting facts

The farmer movement is going on in Delhi. It has been more than a month. Meanwhile, the two terms you will hear the most are – MSP and Agricultural Produce Market Committee (APMC) ie Mandi system. The central government claims that farmers’ income will improve with the new agricultural laws. Farmers can sell their produce anywhere and across the country. At the same time, the farmers and opposition also say that due to these laws, the mandi system and the MSP will be finished. Meanwhile, on December 25, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had raised questions on the opposition itself. It was said that these parties should first answer why there is no APMC system in Kerala? 18 thousand crores was to be distributed to 9 crore farmers under PM Kisan Samman Nidhi. The program was on this occasion. On this occasion, Modi also claimed that APMC failed in West Bengal and Kerala.

BJP has also said that this is because there is a Left government in Kerala. And Rahul Gandhi of the country’s main opposition party Congress is also an MP from Wayanad here.

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Now these questions were answered by Sitaram Yechury, general secretary of the ruling CPI (Marxist) of Kerala. said,

“The APMC mandi system in Kerala is not because 82 percent of the crop produced in the state is a cash crop. It produces coconut, cashew, rubber, tea, coffee, black pepper, long and cardamom. Whose prices are decided through different government boards through an arrangement. ”

Yechury also spoke on MSP. By tweeting that the central government has fixed MSP 1800 rupees per quintal for paddy crop. While the MSP in Kerala is Rs 2748 per quintal. That means a difference of more than 900 rupees. Yechury wrote in a tweet,

“Kerala is the only state in the country where MSP is also fixed on 16 types of vegetables. Farmers are also given subsidy of 22 thousand on paddy, 25 thousand on vegetables, 20 thousand on pulses and 30 thousand per hectare on banana during the harvesting season. ”

According to Yechury, even after not having APMC in Kerala, farmers not only get higher price for their crop, but also farmers who grow cash crops do not have to suffer losses. Because the government keeps an eye on everything from purchase to sale. Yechury also claims that Kerala is the only state where farmers are being given more in lieu of crops than the MSP fixed by the government

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