Singer Vishal Dadlani pays ₹3L college fee of cab driver’s son; wins over internet

During the second wave of Covid, journalist Rituparna Chattopadhyay shared the story of the humanity of an Uber driver who drove a COVID patient 40 kms for medical care when no one else offered help. Udit Agarwal’s heartwarming gesture won the internet, but today’s another day and there’s another hero.

Bollywood singer Vishal Dadlani is winning over the hearts of millions of Indians. As per Chatterjee’s latest tweet, Dadlani paid Rs 3 lakh fee towards the education of Udit’s son, taking away father’s biggest worry. Dadlani’s gesture not only reminded the nation of the heartwarming story of how Udit helped a COVID patient in need, but also restores faith in humanity.

In her viral thread, Rituparna Chatterjee added, “Remember Udit ji? Just got a call. He was in tears. Said @VishalDadlani fully paid off the over Rs 3 lakh fee for 3 years for his son’s college. It’s life-altering for Uditji who was worried about how to keep his son in college. Good things happen to good people Thank you, Vishal”.

In May 2021, Rituparna shared the story of the cab driver named Udit on her social media. One day while her mother was suffering from covid-19, her oxygen saturation dropped to 60. At that time, Rituparna could not get an ambulance to take her old mother to the hospital. Then she decides to book Uber. Three Uber drivers canceled her booking after hearing the situation. But Udit agreed at the moment. Not only that, he took the corona-infected patient to the hospital, brought oxygen cylinders for him then dropped Rituparna home late at night. And did not agree to take a single penny for this work. He said that he did this out of humanity. He has been vaccinated, so he is not afraid. He even later searched for Rituparna’s mother by texting. 

This tweet of Rituparna has touched everyone’s heart. Even the way Rituparna shared all the updates on her social media has been appreciated by netizens.

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