Sikkim becomes world’s first organic and crime-free state, World Book of Records London gave this recognition

The northeastern state of Sikkim in India has been recognized as the “world’s first organic and crime-free state”. This recognition was given to Sikkim by the “World Book of Records London”. This recognition by the “World Book of Records London” emphasizes the fact that Sikkim has become the first state in the world to implement a 100% organic policy.

world’s first organic state

The Governor of Sikkim – Ganga Prasad Chaurasia has received the citation as ‘First Organic State in the World’ and ‘Crime Free State’ with Best Governance. Meanwhile, the President of WBR – Dr Diwakar Sukul and Member of Parliament of the British Parliament Virendra Sharma, congratulated the Governor and the State for this prestigious achievement.

The award highlighted Sikkim’s status as the first state in the world to establish a 100 percent organic policy, which has basically outlawed the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides. This change has helped more than 66,000 farm families.

crime-free state

In a report by Northeast Today, Sikkim’s good governance policy in economy and environment promoted equitable distribution of wealth. Moreover, the sustainable economic model provided equal opportunities to the people to grow in the state, which ultimately made the state crime free.

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It is worth noting that the World Book of Records London, is an organization that catalogs and certifies exceptional records from around the world. It has a worldwide network that allows it to operate from any location in the world. It honors people and places that have made significant contributions to mankind and worldwide peace; and highlights the potential of skills and abilities.

In this sequence, Sikkim has left its unique impact on being recognized as the first state globally. The state which till now was suffering from border problems is setting a record today that too world-class.

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