SI and constable caught doing liquor-party in Gujarat where liquor is officially banned

In the liquor baned Gujarat, where the case of many people losing their lives by drinking illicit liquor is not even over yet. At the same time, now a case of making a mockery of liquor ban by the police has come to the fore. Valsad Police along with a sub-inspector has arrested 3 police constables while having a liquor party.

The case is of Atul area of ​​Valsad. Here in a birthday party, a sub-inspector and 3 police constables were caught having a liquor party. In the guerilla action of Valsad police, the police personnel were found having a liquor party with 19 friends.

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Despite the ban of liquor in Gujarat, politics has intensified in the state after the liquor being received indiscriminately. A few days ago, the district president of BJP’s Chhota Udaipur was seen in a state of intoxication in a program. After that he had to resign from his post.

At the same time, in Botad district, the case of poisonous liquor is gaining momentum. The death toll due to drinking illicit liquor has gone up to 37. While more than 70 people are hospitalized. At the same time, the police have also arrested 14 people in this case so far. After this incident came to the fore, questions have been raised regarding the ban of liquor in Gujarat.

Opposition parties say that the ban of liquor in Gujarat is only on paper. On the other hand, if you look at the figures given by the Gujarat government in the assembly, then the data is shocking. On March 2, 2022, the Gujarat government had officially said in the Gujarat Legislative Assembly that the Gujarat government had seized foreign liquor worth Rs 215 crore 62 lakh 52 thousand 275 in the last two years. At the same time, country liquor worth more than 4 crores and beer worth more than 16 crores have been recovered. Liquor and drugs worth Rs 606 crore have been seized in the last two years.

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