‘Shut your mouth chudail’: Actress Urfi Javed receives death threats as she condemns killing of Kanhaiya Lal, complains to Mumbai Police

Big Boss fame and actress Urfi Javed has received death threats on social media. The information of which has been given by the actress herself on her Instagram. Urfi Javed has shared a screenshot of a personal message on Instagram Story. In which a person is threatening her in the name of religion. Urfi has also tagged Mumbai Police in her story.

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In fact, Urfi had shared the video of the killers condemning the painful murder of a tailor named Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur. After which she started receiving threatening messages. Replying to Urfi’s video, a person named Sajid Chippa wrote, “Shut your mouth chudail, tuje to kya hi pata Islam kya hai. Hmare nabi ki shan mai koi gustaki kare or hum use kese chod de.”

Sharing this, Urfi tagged Mumbai Police and wrote, “I am going to file a complaint against this. Who is threatening to kill in the name of religion. This will be a lesson for all those fanatics. Enjoy your jail time Sajid.”

Actress Urfi Javed receives death threats

The actress’ initial posts condemning the incident had stated, “Where are we heading to? Allah didn’t ask you to hate and kill in his name.” The Daayan actress had furthermore shared another brief post wherein she wrote, “People killing and hating in the name of their religions and Gods (their imaginary friends). Seriously like what? Why aren’t we talking about education, women empowerment, fast-track cases for rapes, and GDP? Religions were made so that people have moral and ethical sense. In today’s times, your religion is taking away your morality and ethics. Extremism in any man-made belief such as religion will only cause destruction. Never too late, open your eyes people, I know I’ll be getting a lot of hate after this but guess that at least I’m not filled with hate like you all extremist.”

Let us tell you that apart from Urfi Javed, many Bollywood actors are condemning this incident. Gauahar Khan, Ranvir Shorey and Kangana Ranaut as well as political and minority group leaders have called the incident tragic. The police have arrested both the killers. At present, it is being investigated whether the two have alleged terrorist links or not.

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