‘Shut up, if you ask again, it won’t be good for you’: Ramdev threatens reporter when asked about his statements on petrol prices

Ramdev threatens reporter: Yoga Guru and Businessman Baba Ramdev on Wednesday threatened a media reporter who asked him about his old statements on hikes in fuel (Petrol, Diesel and LPG) prices during the UPA government.

In a video that is going viral on social media, a reporter can be heard reminding Ramdev about his statements and media bytes that he gave during the Manmohan Singh government.

Yoga guru Ramdev, who arrived in Karnal to attend a program, sided with the BJP, saying the tax on petrol and diesel has been increased to run the government and the country.

During the media interactions, the reporter asked Ramdev, “You asked people whether they want a government that will bring down petrol prices to 40 and LPG prices to Rs 300 or if they want a government that is selling petrol at 75. What do you have to say now?”

Irked by the question, Ramdev tried to dodge the reporter and moved on to another question from a different reporter. When the reporter continued asking the same question Ramdev lost his cool and snapped at the reporter.

“Yes I gave byte then, I won’t give any byte about it now. What will you do? Will you tear my tail for that? He asked the reporter.

When the reporter did not stop, Ramdev said “Chup Ho Ja, Aage Se Puchega Toh Theek Nai Hoga” (Shut up, if you ask again, it won’t be good for you).

Ramdev threatens reporter

Let us tell you that when Manmohan government was in the center and petrol was getting at Rs 72 and LPG was at Rs 400. At that time the entire BJP, including Modi, used to criticise the UPA government. Ramdev also used to give statements in support of BJP. Today, when petrol has crossed Rs 100 and LPG cylinder has crossed Rs 1000, Ramdev and BJP leaders have been running away from the old statements and are threatening those who ask the opposite questions.

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