Shocking revelation! Men escorting Aryan Khan were not NCB officials but BJP workers: NCP

The Mumbai Cruise Drugs Party Case is gaining momentum. In this matter, now NCP spokesperson Nawab Malik has made serious allegations against NCB. Malik has accused the NCB of taking action in collaboration with the BJP. Along with this, questions have also been raised on the persons who arrested Aryan Khan and Arbaaz.

Nawab Malik, while holding a press conference on Wednesday, said that the work of the NCB agency in the drugs case has been suspicious for the last one year. In the Sushant case, even though there was no jurisdiction, a case was registered in Bihar. CBI came. The work of defaming Bollywood, the work of defaming Maharashtra started.

How did the BJP functionary arrest Aryan Khan?

Malik has raised many questions on Manish Bhanushali and KP Gosalvi, the two men who arrested Aryan Khan and Arbaaz. Malik said that on the 3rd it was shown on all channels that the cruise was raided by NCB and some people were detained. The men who were escorting Aryan Khan and Arbaaz Merchant after arresting are KP Gosavi and Manish Bhanushali. There are pictures of Manish Bhanushali ,who escorted Aryan,with the big ministers of BJP. His picture is with PM Modi, with Home Minister Amit Shah. He is not an officer of NCB but an office bearer of BJP.

Malik further said that all the pictures of drugs that have been circulated in the media are from the table of the zonal director. No drugs were recovered from the cruise. On Bhanushali, who caught Aryan, Malik said that Bhanushali was with a minister of Delhi on 22nd. After this he goes to Ahmedabad in Gujarat on the 1st, then joins the raid on the 3rd.

What is Bhanushali’s relation with Gujarat Port Drugs?
Malik further said on this matter that NCB should also take action that what is the relation of Manish Bhanushali with the huge quantity of drugs seized in Gujarat port? Manish Bhanushali is the Vice President of BJP. KP Gosavi is a fraud, he had a photo with NCB Zonal Director in Facebook. Now it’s locked. With this, the Nawab alleged that he roams around in the car by wearing a police name band.

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