Shocking: EVMs Allegedly Found In Assam BJP candidate’s Jeep, Congress Calls It ‘Open Loot’

A shocking picture has emerged in the run-up to the elections in five states. EVMs have been found in a white colored Bolero car in Patharkandi assembly constituency of Assam. The car number is AS10 B 0022. Its video is viral on social media. It is being claimed that this car belongs to the sitting MLA of Patharkandi and BJP candidate Krishnendu Paul. The Congress and the AIUDF have demanded an inquiry from the Election Commission citing it as a very serious matter.

Election commission also in question
People gathered in Patharkandi after the video of EVM found in the car surfaced. Tension arose in the area. People are raising questions on the Election Commission on social media. Assam Congress President Ripun Bora has demanded immediate action from the Election Commission on the occurrence of EVMs.

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Ripun Bora tweeted and said-

“We hope that the Election Commission will take immediate action. Will tell how this can happen. If the open robbery and rigging of EVMs is not stopped immediately, then the Congress party will consider boycotting the election.”

Not only the Congress, the video of getting EVMs in this car has also been shared by AIUDF President and MP Maulana Badruddin Ajmal. He wrote in the tweet-

“Polarization failed, vote purchase failed, candidates failed, Jumlebaji failed, double CM failed, CAA failed. The defeated BJP now has only one way left, the evasion of EVMs. This is a murder of democracy.”

‘Post Voting Event’ BJP candidate

On Thursday, voting was held in 39 seats in the second phase of the assembly elections in Assam. The incident of getting EVMs in the car of the BJP candidate is being told after the voting. On the same day, in addition to Assam, votes were cast in 30 seats for the second phase in West Bengal. There too, Trinamool Congress workers protested fiercely after the EVM was found in the car.

At the time of writing the news, even the Election Commission had not given any statement regarding the matter as to where the EVMs were being taken openly without any security.

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