Shocking! BJP men pull SP candidate’s saree during nomination filing ahead of block polls

After the Panchayat President election in Uttar Pradesh yesterday, the process of nomination for the Block Head election was going on. During this, the hooliganism of the ruling party BJP was seen in many districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Pictures of beatings, violence and rebellion were seen in many districts of the state. There was a moment when the people of the ruling party BJP were creating a ruckus in the presence of the police. There were also reports of snatching of nomination papers from many places and tearing them away all over the places. But what happened in Lakhimpur Kheri shook humanity somewhere.

In fact, during the voting in Lakhimpur Kheri today, something happened that reminded the character Dushasan of Mahabharata period. It was the BJP workers, who were trying to take off a woman’s sari. During the nomination for the block chief election on Thursday, July 8 in the district, there was a big ruckus in the Pasgwan block of Lakhimpur.
Even the nomination of SP candidate Ritu Singh was not allowed by the BJP. Anita Yadav, who was the proposer of the candidate entering the block, was dragged from the road. She was assaulted. After this, former district vice-president of SP, Kranti Kumar Singh was dragged from Bawali Gate and brought down. There was also an attempt to take him hostage.

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All this happened in the presence of the police and the police remained mute spectators watching everything. BJP workers even tried to remove the sari of SP woman proponent Anita Yadav. Supporters of the BJP, which is called the Nationalist Party, tried to strip a woman naked in the gathering.

Meanwhile, the SP alleges that the BJP workers who entered in front of the RO snatched the nomination papers and tore them. The candidate was also beaten up. His clothes were torn. All this happened in front of the police. It is alleged that the police did not try to stop any ruckus.

Patriot pulling the saree of SP candidate’s female proponent
Earlier, the car of the SP candidate was surrounded by the people of BJP on the way. The police which arrived later took the candidate to the police station instead of the block. Meanwhile, it was three o’clock and the nomination of the SP candidate could not be done. This ruckus also continued to happen in front of the police, it is alleged.

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