‘Shivraj Singh Chauhan is a useless Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh’: BJP Leader lashes out at CM over Covid handling

The government in MP is not successful in dealing with Covid-19. People are not getting injections, those who have money are buying in black. At the same time, the people have had to struggle for all the facilities. A BJP leader has lashed out at CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan over CM’s inability to handle Covid situation in the state.

BJP’s Nunasar Mandal president Ajay Patel has expressed his anger against the CM on his Facebook wall and has described CM Shivraj Singh Chauhan as a useless chief minister. He has written that despite being a BJP worker, I am compelled to write such words and that is because I have seen my own people dying in front of my eyes.

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He wrote, ‘The useless chief minister of our Madhya Pradesh. I, the Mandal president myself opposes you. Whatever it may be, because I have seen my loved ones dying in front of me. Honorable Shivraj Singh Chauhan, I am speaking as the Nunasar, the Divisional President of your party. If I am not able to arrange an injection for my family, then I should consider it my failure or that of the government.’

Shivraj Singh Chauhan

Ajay Patel is an active leader of the BJP. He is present at every party function. Recently a member of his family gets infected with Covid-19. He needed a Remedesivir injection, but was unsuccessful in arranging. Ajay Patel has written on Facebook that I should consider it my failure or that of the government. Even after being in BJP, I could not get an injection.

Congress leader attacks
The BJP leader has attacked his own CM. In such a situation, the Congress has got an opportunity to surround Shivraj. Congress city president Dinesh Yadav says that it is definitely the government’s failure to get a worker of his own party to arrange for the injection. Ajay Patel’s pain is right.

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