Shashi Tharoor hits back to trolls after getting trolled over a wedding picture

Senior Congress leader and MP from Thiruvananthapuram seat in Kerala Shashi Tharoor on Tuesday hit back after being trolled on social media over a picture of a wedding ceremony, saying he is used to being trolled by an “organized brigade of devotees”. But it is not right to drag non-political people into your quagmire.

It is noteworthy that recently, former Union Minister Shashi Tharoor has been trolled on Twitter for many pictures. A photo of Tharoor went viral on social media. This picture is from a wedding ceremony. In this, he is seen wearing a safa with the bride and groom. A garland is also hanging around his neck.

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Many people have taken a dig at the Congress leader for sharing a picture of Shashi Tharoor with the newly wed couple from a wedding ceremony, which he has now responded.

Hitting back, Tharoor said, “I am used to being trolled by an organised brigade of Bhakts & I can take it, knowing it comes w/the territory. But dragging non-political people into your malice is not cool, & insulting a young couple on their wedding day to take cheap shots at their guest is disgraceful.”

Responding to Twitter users asking what does ‘bhakt’ mean, Tharoor wrote, “Bhakti towards the divine is to be respected. Bhakti towards a political leader or cause, especially in the name of religion, is deplorable.” He wrote, ” “Bhakts” in the latter sense refers to the devotees of the Sangh Parivar & Moditva.”

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