‘Shahrukh, entire country is with you’: Rahul Gandhi wrote to SRK when Aryan Khan was in jail

Rahul Gandhi wrote to SRK: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s letter to Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan is now in the media headlines. In fact, this letter was sent when Shahrukh’s son Aryan Khan was lodged in Arthur Road Jail in the drugs case, which has now come to the fore. According to the information, it was written by Rahul Gandhi to Shahrukh on October 14. During the imprisonment of Aryan Khan, the ruling Shiv Sena in Maharashtra along with Bollywood, the Nationalist Congress openly supported Shahrukh Khan. Political parties had targeted the Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) and the central government regarding this matter.

In the letter, Rahul encouraged SRK and reportedly wrote that the nation is with him during this tough time.

Rahul Gandhi wrote to SRK

According to a report by India Today, Rahul Gandhi wrote a letter to SRK and Gauri saying he was ‘sorry’ that they had to go through all the difficulties. He also added, “No child deserves to be treated like this.” Rahul also penned, “I have seen the good work you have done for people. I am sure their blessings and goodwill will be with you.” And also wished them that the family will be together soon.

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According to sources, while drugs were not found in Aryan Khan’s possession, anti-drug agencies had claimed in the courts that Aryan’s WhatsApp chats proved his involvement in ‘drug deals’ and his links with foreign drug dealers. However, the High Court had dismissed this WhatsApp chat saying that it does not prove that one of the accused supplied drugs to Aryan Khan.

After Aryan’s arrest in drugs case, a crowd of fans was seen outside the house of film star Shahrukh Khan. At the same time, other Bollywood stars like Salman Khan, Hrithik Roshan, filmmaker Farah Khan etc. had come to meet Shahrukh. After Aryan got bail, there was fireworks at Shahrukh’s house. At the same time, Shiv Sena and NCP accused the Narcotics Control Bureau of targeting Shahrukh Khan on the orders of the central government. The NCP targeted the bureau’s top official Sameer Wankhede and raised questions on the investigation. The party alleged that Sameer Wankhede had used fake caste certificates in his career.

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