Shah Faesal returns to administrative services, appointed as Dy Secretary in Union Ministry of Tourism

Kashmiri IAS officer Shah Faesal has returned to the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). Today, Shah Faesal was approved to appoint the post of Deputy Secretary in Tourism Department. Faesal was a topper of Civil Service Exam 2010 batch. He left the IAS job three years ago and stepped into politics in Jammu and Kashmir (Jammu Kashmir). He formed his own political party Jammu and Kashmir People’s Movement (JKPM). However, the central government did not approve Shah Faesal’s resignation.

Shah Faesal did not mind in politics for a long time, after which he thought of returning to the administrative service again. The central government also approved him to return to the administrative service. The government not only approved the return of Shah Faesal to the administrative service but also posted him as Deputy Secretary in the Union Ministry of Tourism.

Shah Faesal gave information about this new beginning through social media. He wrote in the tweet, “Eight months of my life (January 2019-August 2019) created so much goods that I was almost finished. Chasing a fantasy, I almost lost everything that I had made in years. Work, friend, prestige, public goodwill, but I never lost hope, my idealism disappointed me. “

He further wrote in his tweet, “But I was confident in myself. That I will undo my mistakes. This life will give me another chance. A part of mine is tired of those 8 months and that legacy Wants to erase. A lot of it has gone. I am confident that time will erase the rest. “

Resigned from IAS job three years ago

Let us tell you that the first Kashmiri, Faesal to top the Civil Services Examination was allotted home cadre in 2008. Faisal, a doctor to a bureaucrat, served several positions in the state and his last deployment in the government was as Managing Director of Jammu and Kashmir Power Development. The Nigam (JKPDC) was elected as Edward Mason Fellow at Harvard Kennedy School in June 2018 and was scheduled to join government service a year later.

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