Sensational accusations against Aaj Tak anchor Chitra Tripathi’s husband Atul Agrawal by a female employee

Atul Agrawal, editor-in-chief of Hindi news channel and husband of famous Aaj Tak anchor Chitra Tripathi, seems to be in trouble again. After the FIR of blackmailing Ramdev and OYO scandal, now a female journalist of his own news channel has made some serious allegations.

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Through her long post on social media, female journalist Anjali Chawla has told that Atul Aggarwal had proposed her for marriage and is harassing her for not accepting the proposal. Not only this, the female journalist has honored Atul with the title of ‘Tharki Budha’.

Many things are revealed by reading some of these posts. Anjali has stopped working in Hindi news channel due to Atul’s behaviour.

In a long Facebook post Anjali has accused Chitra’s husband of hatching a conspiracy to kill her in a road accident.

She writes in her Facebook post, “Is the character of editors so low? The ill-treatment of women journalists in the channel by low and shoddy editors like Atul Agarwal proves it right.”

According to the Whatsapp chat screenshot which the female Journalist shared on social media, Atul called Anjali love you and proposed for marriage but when Anjali refused, she was harrased and ultimately she was forced to quit her job.

She wrote, “what mistake did Chitra ji do that today her characterless husband was pressurizing a woman journalist to marry and for refusing to marry, the infamous Tharki editor was trying to kill in a road accident. The whole needle of suspicion is on the infamous Tharki editor Atul Agarwal.”

It is to be known that due to Atul Agrawal’s attitude, girls are constantly leaving their jobs from his channel. Just two weeks back, another woman journalist signed off from the channel, making similar allegations.

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If Atul Agrawal’s side comes on this matter, then it will also be published respectfully.

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